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For Us, Food is Personal

For Us, Food is Personal
March 30, 2016

Over the past ten years, holy cow, it’s been ten years since we’ve opened our doors for the first time, take a minute and let that sink in! Ever since we opened in December 2006, we have strived to enhance our guests dining experience every day, every month, every year. Whether it’s adding sound boards to the walls to cut down on noise levels, updating the bar, replacing furniture or the addition of draft beer. We strive to exceed your expectation with every visit.

With summer just around the corner and with the changing of the season, HK on the Bay is excited to announce the release of our new menu. The release of our totally redesigned menu also brings in another major change, HK on the Bay is proud to announce that all of our beef, pork and poultry* will be humanly treated, antibiotic free, hormone free and locally sourced when available. This is a movement that is happening right now all around the country and we couldn’t be more proud to be the first restaurant on Shore Drive to accomplish this. We are committed because we understand the connection how food is raised, prepared and how it tastes. For us, food is personal.

This menu has been a long time coming and has been the focus of our attention for the past two years. We have updated the menu before in the past, but we haven’t overhauled the menu in 5 years. We are bringing on nine exciting new menu options, including one Appetizer, four Signature Dishes, one Fresh Catch, two Burgers and one Vegetarian option. In addition, we have brought in a new cut of steak as well, N.Y. Strip

As we celebrate our ten years of stewardship of this historic building we thank the community of Chic’s Beach and would like to say it is our pleasure to be able to serve you.

*Except Chicken Wings

Smoked Gouda & Beef Tip Pasta

The Butcher's Son

December 22, 2015
Today our sister restaurant, The Butcher’s Son, released Part 1 of their shoot with Aimee of ‘The Cup of Sunshine‘. You can see more of the shoot on The Cup of Sunshine’s website by clicking here.


The Butcher’s son is located at 500 Battlefield Blvd S, Chesapeake, VA 23322. Call for a reservation today: (757) 410-5466 or make an Online Reservation for The Butcher’s Son. The Butcher’s Son is a take on the classic American steak and fish house. Our beef, poultry, and fish are antibiotic and hormone free.

Rethink Your Drink

September 20, 2015
Katie, our beloved Service Manager, has been working for the past two months tweaking and fine tuning a new drink menu so epic that it will make your head spin…that may or may not be the alcohol making you spin, but you get the point. You probably have seen some of the drinks already as we have been perfecting them for the past few weeks. And we believe we have created a premium drink list that suits everyone’s taste buds. We believe that HK on the Bay is pushing the boundaries of what you can do with liquor. This includes making limonchello two ways, infusions and creating our own simple syrup. Could we purchase limonchello or simple syrup? Absolutely. Would it be cheaper to do so? Absolutely. Do we want to cut corners to provide a cheaper product? Absolutely not.

When coming up with the idea of a premium cocktail list we first asked ourselves, why use premium liquor?

People all around the world will have their own brand of alcohol that they prefer. Some people go for the expensive ones because the name it carries on the bottle, but some just want to drink as less costly as possible. You definitely will find guests in HK on the Bay drinking different kinds of alcohol and you probably may have wondered what difference those alcohols would have.

There are hundreds of liquor providers out there, some cheap and some that are fairly expensive that are competing for the attention of the masses (Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Patron…etc.). A little comparison on the two may enlighten and answer some questions that alcohol drinkers would have.

Expensive alcohols are more pure and are made with better ingredients, so if there is any benefit from drinking more expensive alcohol, that could be one of its good points. Whilst cheaper liquor may have poor ingredients that might be more harmful and hazardous to one’s health. Though cheap and expensive alcohol would have the same amount of percentage of alcohol, most alcohol drinkers claim that expensive liquor will give you less of the irritating aftermath of drinking, the devilish hangover. We’ve all experienced one and claim that we will never have a drink again…until the next time. Expensive liquor and alcohol gets distilled more which makes it purer compared to cheap alcohol. Cheaper alcohol is distilled less, thus has a lower quality. The cost of alcohol will also be based on how many times it gets distilled as this increases and improves the quality of the alcohol. Since the distillation process lessens and reduces the amount of the end product, this results to the high priced quality alcohol sold to the market.

Compared to cheap alcohol, the more expensive ones are more complex in their depth of flavor, and of course has higher quality. The more money you will have to spend on an alcohol will determine the quality and satisfaction that you will get. Less expensive alcohol will more likely have more impurities in it compared to the more expensive brands. Cheap alcohol may have more unwanted contents in it that are not being rid of because they have less distillation process. These alcohols commonly leaves a sting or a bad taste on your throat after drinking.

In a nutshell, drinking expensive alcohol will give you a better drinking experience, however, considering one’s health, both expensive and cheap alcoholic beverages will still have the same effect to people. Since our liver does not have eyes, all alcohol will certainly look just the same to it! One still needs to be aware of the hazards of drinking alcohol and the damages that it can cause to one’s health. Moderate drinking is still advised if totally unavoidable.

We want you to drink better, even if you drink less. We understand that this isn’t what the market wants you to think. Most restaurants and bars want you to drink more and don’t care if you drink cheaply or expensively. We would rather you enjoy your cocktail and the depth of flavors that we have created with these eight new premium cocktails. Katie used all premium spirits when coming up with our cocktail list, including from Richmond, Virginia.

Inlet Splash
Bay Shine
Pleasure House Pommarita
Chesapeake Bay Lemonade
Lookout Lemon Martini
The White Cap
Chic’s Sunbeam
23 Mile Isle

Rethink your drink and try one of these premium cocktails on Saturday September 26th!

HK on the Bay Signature Entrees

  • Santa Cruz Ribeye

    HK selects a 12oz. hand cut Ribeye marinated in Spanish herbs and natural spices and grilled to your specification.

    Seafood Pot Pie

    Blackened scallops, lobster, shrimp, lump crab and new potatoes stuffed in a pie shell with creamy she-crab soup.


    Already famous. Two jumbo lump Maryland crabcakes with filler....puhlease, what filler? 

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All our beef, pork and poultry is antibiotic 7 hormone free, locally harvested and humanely treated.